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Overview and Specifications:


1. Exfoliate, clean pores, reduce pores, reduce oily skin oil,
reduce dry skin, reduce acne

2. Smooth skin, lighten fine lines and wrinkles

3. The effect is very mild and can be used twice a day.

4. Wash your body and use it in the bathroom!

5. The brush is mild, it is not easy to adhere to the bacteria
and easy to clean. You can replace the brush head in 3-4 months!

Product Name: Four in one wash brush

Single weight: about 0.3KG

Packing number: 50/60

Size: 14.5*5*19cm

The whole box weight: about 13.5KG

Types of brush heads: large brush head, small brush head, latex
head, large stone brush head for washing the body, small brush head for cleaning
the face, latex head for makeup removal, grinding stone for exfoliation

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