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Overview and Specifications:

One machine in hand multi-function:

RF: RF, EMS: use electric ions to stimulate facial
muscles and face. Vibration: micro-vibration soft skin makes skin active, helps
penetrate skin, LED light: illuminates the skin to achieve skin-removing effect
iontophoresis, ion export, red light freckle, Blu-ray acne. Red light wrinkles,
blue cold compresses, shrinks pores, makes skin firmer, and enjoys beauty salon

The EMS mode is also called micro-electric stimulation. The
main function is to relax muscle spasm, increase exercise, reduce and prevent
muscle atrophy, and increase local blood circulation and muscle re-workout.

5 modes:

Warm mode: Equipped with LED red light commonly used in beauty
salons to improve skin vitality and stimulate collagen regeneration to make your
skin smooth and elastic.

Ice mode: Cools the skin, shrinks pores, tightens the skin,
improves skin elasticity and skin texture.

Ion cleaning and moisturizing: Ion + vibration directly
penetrates the essence into the dermis layer, and improves the skin from inside
to outside, achieving multiple moisturizing of the skin.

Iontophoresis and export: use multi-level RF technology to
promote collagen hyperplasia, reduce fine lines, RF can penetrate the epidermis
“Layer to the dermis layer, the skin of the epidermis is more tight and elastic,
and achieve multi-directional care from the inside out

Create a Q-small V-face: innovative care, use technology to
reach the bottom of the muscles, RF RF warm + EMS micro-current lift face,
three-dimensional shape, firm skin.

Vibration frequency: 10000W

Battery capacity: 750mAh

Material: ABS+PC+ alloy

Size : 191*52*46mm

Power : lt, 8W

Net weight: 200g

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