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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Year : 2019
Model Name : F4145-Z
External Testing Certification : CE
Item Length : 14
Item Width : 5.5
Item Height : 18.3
Item Weight : 0.169
Item Diameter : 5
Material Type : Base
Special Features : Used for electrical line protection, it can be installed in DC systems such as cars, Yueshu, RV, bus, yacht, ship, etc
Rated Current : 20A

Product Name: 6 in 6 out of fuse box + insurance 5A*2 10A*2 15A*2

Model: F4145-Z
Gross amount: 173g
Net amount: 169g
Packing size: 14*5.5*18.3CM
Rated voltage: 32V dc
Single rated current: 20A
Product size: 12*5*5.2cm
Packing size: 14*5.5*18.3CM

Single line:
Terminal rating: M 4 screw (20A 32V DC.max).
Recommended wire size: # 12-16 AWG.
Base: PA66
Cover: PC
Terminal: Nickel plated copper.
Screw: stainless steel.
Label: PP × 70.
Current range ATO or ATC fuse 1A to 20A

● Product function: used for electrical line protection, can be installed in DC system of small car, Yueshu, RV, bus, yacht, ship, etc.
Can be used to protect equipment such as: roof lights, car headlights, fog lights, car chargers, car fans and so on.

● Product advantages:
1. The product adopts PA66 anti-flame retardant nylon, which has good mechanical strength, insulation performance and heat and flame resistance.
2. The terminal terminals of the product are all nickel-plated copper, which maintains good electrical conductivity and is resistant to corrosion.
3. Install the fixing screws to have stainless steel screws to prevent rust.
4. The product has a dust cover to prevent conductive dust from entering the fuse box to avoid short circuit due to dust entering.
5. Product identification stickers, so that you can identify the corresponding line after installation.
6. This type of fuse box is 6 in 6 out, single channel current can reach 20A.

Product accessories list: insurance box*1, sticker*2, screw*4, insurance piece 5A*2 10A*2 15A*2

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