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Overview and Specifications:

1. Android/iOS native official game that supports full physical

2. The bottom electrode swing arm can be rotated without any
hindrance to the field of view in the game,

3. The left and right separate handles can be used separately.
The left trigger button is used to open the oscilloscope and the right trigger
button is used for shooting,

4. Low power consumption, battery life up to 20 hours. Can be
made while charging,

5. No need to turn on/off, press any trigger button to wake it
up, it will be in deep standby mode when not in use.

1. Compatible phone size: thickness less than 0.47 inches,
width 2.64 to 3.42 inches

2. Swing arm length: 1.54 inches,

3. Battery capacity: built-in dual 110mAh rechargeable lithium

4. Charging time: 1-1.5 hours,

5. Charging voltage: 3.7V~5V,

6. Working time: 20 hours

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