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Overview and Specifications:

-product description

– It is a special refill that can be erased, unlike ordinary

If the refill pen’s refill is experiencing high temperatures
(which may be during transport), the color of the refill will change (it will
turn milky white) and even cause the refill to fail to write.

– If this is the case, place the refill in the freezer.

– After 12 hours, the color of the refill will return to
normal. Remove the refill from the refrigerator,

– You need to wait 1-2 hours for the refill to work

– Name: Erasable ballpoint pen refill is red blue ink blue and
black magic writing gel pen

– Color: 4 colors (red \\ blue \\ ink blue \\ black)

– Length: about 14.8 cm

– Complementary color: 4 colors (red \\ blue \\ ink blue \\

– Filling size: 0.5 mm

– Filling length: about 12.7 cm

– Quantity: 12 pieces / box

– Buyers’ attention: because of the erasability, can not be
used for the signing of securities and important documents

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