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Overview and Specifications:

Product name:LED night light
Product model:D2
Product size:7.3*7.3*2.4mm
Product net weight:42g(battery is included)
Single gross weight:60g(battery is included)
Battery capacity:Polymer 350 mAh (battery is included)
Product power: DC5V 0.2W
Switch Mode:Touch Switch
Product material] ABS+PP
Product color:Pink,Blue,White


1: Free installation, convenient and fast (built-in battery, can be hand-held lighting, built-in magnet, can be attached to any iron surface)

2: Simple and stylish, with large luminous area (square rounded minimalist design, stylish and beautiful, frontal illumination and side line illumination. All-round surface, no shadow)

3: Touch switch, no noise installation (no dry sound of the fusion switch, night switch light does not affect the sleep of people around)

4: Soft warm light, the third brightness is adjustable (light melt switch first, open night light, soft dark brightness, second, moderate brightness third, high brightness, to meet your different needs, soft warm light, silver protection without radiation)

5:Environmental protection and energy saving, 0.2W low power (in any brightness situation, you can press and hold the touch switch for 2 seconds to turn off the light: after 10 minutes of turning on the light, it will automatically adjust to the darkest brightness, after the night light is turned on, it will automatically shut down after 8 hours.)
6: USB charging (built-in 350 mA compact battery, can be connected to charging treasure,charging head and other dead power, durable for use)

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