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Overview and Specifications:

Product model: D4387
Product power: 0.7W
Product color: red yellow
Product voltage: 10-30v
Number of LEDs: 2
Product material: UV PC
Material of the wire: Mitsubishi PC material imported from Japan, the lead wire is sealed with epoxy resin
Lead length: 15CM
Product Certification: ADR CCC E-MARK
Product size: 61*38.3*31.7mm
Installation size: 28.5mm
Wiring method: blue wire is connected to the negative pole
Product performance: 1. 12 hours of aging test 2. After 3 atmospheric pressure waterproof vacuum test IP up to 68 3. Injection workshop

Product advantages:
1. Using Taiwan Jingyuan LED lamp beads, the true life of the lamp beads can reach 50,000 hours.
2. Each batch has experienced a 12-hour aging test
3. Each batch has experienced 30-80% RH-30°-60° test of programmable constant temperature and humidity tester
4. Each batch has experienced 2HZ-600HZ destructive vibration test
5. Mask new PMMA plastic, bottom shell new ABS plastic, can withstand 2 meters high damage test
6. Each batch has experienced 3.15 meters photometric performance test of traffic and vehicle lighting equipment for each batch.

Product net amount: 35g

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