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Overview and Specifications:


-Efficient Preservation:The vacuum level is always maintained at a high level of 0.038Mpa, and long -term preservation is fresh. After days of 7, the red wine is opened and the taste is as good as the original.

-Classy design:Unique circular design eliminates the traditional top wine of the pump, which is greatly reduced in size, lightweight and easy to place.

-The humanized innovation uses the date scale reminder function, and you just need to gently twist the wine stopper to select the storage correspondent as scheduled.

-Placed Horizontally And Vertically:Optimised for the internal structure of the upgrade after use, together with the wine bottle can not only be placed vertically, but also placed horizontally, saving storage space.

-Food grade material, safe and non-toxic.


Product: Round vacuum wine stopper

Color: Black

Material: ABS

Size:diameter 47*72mm

Weight: about 38g

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