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Overview and Specifications:


This is a dinosaur-shaped backpack for children,
which is made of high quality material, environmentally friendly and safe, light
and comfortable to carry, sturdy and durable, not easy to deform or fade.


Lightweight and Small: This is a backpack
specially designed for children, with perfect size for kids. It is light in
weight and with ergonomically designed shoulder straps, greatly relieving the
pressure to the shoulders.

Premium Diving Fabric: The schoolbag adopts
diving fabric with super waterproof function, which is nontoxic and
pollution-free, and will not cause any harm to human body.

Not Easy to Deform: The schoolbag is made
of diving materials with super elasticity and extensibility, and with
structural design following the structure of ships, plump, three-dimensional
and not easy to deform.

Cute Shape: The dinosaur-shaped schoolbag
has lovely smiling face, limbs, tail and large white belly, which can be used
as children’s toys.

Large Capacity: Although the schoolbag is
light in weight, it has a large capacity and can easily accommodate all
children’s school supplies, snacks and toys.


Type: Backpack

Main Material: Neoprene

Shape: Dinosaur

Closure Type: Zipper

Gender: boys, girls

Length: 20cm

Width: 8cm

Height: 28cm

Weight: 0.48kg

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