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Overview and Specifications:

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Atmosphere Lamp

Product Highlights

The back is made of self-adhesive stickers, which can be glued to the surface of wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc.
Bringing you ubiquitous convenience lighting, indoors and outdoors, anywhere
Outings, picnics, tent lighting, hand in hand
1. Unique shape design, can be posted everywhere, one click is bright, easy to use, the overall design is simple and refreshing;
2, a new fashion product that subverts any ordinary lamps in the past, its wonderful thing is that it uses 100,000 hours of life LED lights;
3, the operation is simple, install three sections of the 7th battery, the switch just press the transparent cover to light;
4, the product is small, practical, it can be placed in a cosmetic bag, corner, audio, kitchen, cabinet or wardrobe.

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