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Overview and Specifications:

C50W First Alert Battery Powered Wireless Smoke Detector Alarm


  • Help keep your family safe with these battery-operated smoke alarms that wirelessly interconnect with each other and other First Alert enabled alarms so that all sound when one is activated, creating a home safety network
  • Voice alarm with programmable locations tells you where the danger is so you can choose the best evacuation route, loud, 110-decibel siren sounds to alert you to danger
  • Equipped with photoelectric smoke sensor optimized to detect larger smoke particles produced by smoldering fires, helps minimize the number of false alarms
  • Battery-powered alarm requires no rewiring for installation and provides continued monitoring even if there’s a power failure, use with 6FAA battery (not included) for best results
  • Support three major alarms, independent alarm + sound and light alarm + wireless 433 signal alarm,
  • Fully-fit patented structure, simple installation, no need for debugging and wiring,
  • 360-degree all-round detection of smoke alarm, no dead angle, reliable
  • Built-in high-sensitivity sensing technology, reliable and safe
  • Using ultra-low power microcontroller + photoelectric principle technology, long standby battery life for 3 years,
  • Low voltage battery alarm prompts: when the battery voltage is lower than 6.8V, a prompt tone is sent to remind the user to replace the battery,
  • Rotary detachable top cover design, convenient for on-site cleaning and battery replacement

Power supply DC9V/6F22 battery (not included)
Transmitting frequency 433.92, transmitting code 1527 protocol
Launch distance 200m distance (outside antenna 500m)
Quiescent current lt,1uA
Alarm current lt,40mA
Alarm loudness loudness ≥110dB
Product size: 100x32mm
Product certification: FCC / CE / ROHS / EN14604 standards,

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