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Type : Pocket, Multi Tools
Size : L
Origin : CN(Origin)

BORUiT new XHP50 strong light flashlight High-power long-range underwater camera fill light diving flashlight.
1: It is made of high-quality and high-strength aviation-grade aluminum barrel, which is made by CNC, military-standard three-level anodic oxidation, and smooth electroplating. The mirror aluminum alloy is reflective, beautiful and super durable. The exterior design is exquisite and compact, and its weight is only 352 grams (without battery), which is convenient for storage and carrying.
2: S6 XHP70 diving flashlight diving flashlight is a multi-functional, high-power, high-brightness diving flashlight, the head has a tactical lotus attack head, has 4 light modes that can be switched at will, highlight 3600 lumens brightness output, and can be used for emergency Charging is a daily and backup lighting that can be used for daily carrying, as well as camping, teaching, searching, self-defense, caving, patrolling, diving, hunting, hiking, night fishing, night riding, and underwater photography. It is also used for daily carrying. Ideal flashlight for defense or outdoor applications.
3: The light source adopts CREE second-generation XHP-50 2.0 LED strong light, and the output brightness is above 3000LM; the internal circuit adopts a high-efficiency boost circuit, which can maximize the use of the battery. Fully waterproof design, IP68 super waterproof performance, can dive down to 80 meters. Switch: middle button switch (with battery indicator); voltage: green light when higher than 6.8, yellow light when voltage 6.4-6.8V, red light when voltage 6.0-6.4V, red light flashing when voltage 5.6-6.0V, When the voltage is lower than 6.0V, it turns off. Gear position: 3 gears (-50%-SOS) can be switched at will. Battery life: 4 hours / 6 hours (50%) /6 hours (SOS).


Brand: BORUiT
Emitter Type: XHP-50

Battery Quantity: 2 x 3.7V 18650 or 26650 battery
Body Material: Aluminium Alloy

IP68 waterproof ( diving depth 80 meters )

Voltage higher than 6.8V, display the green light
Voltage 6.4 – 6.8V, show yellow light
Voltage 6.0 – 6.4V, display red light
Voltage 5.6 – 6.0V, red light flashes
Voltage below 6.0V, shutdow

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