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Overview and Specifications:


Product Name: 2 inch LCD WATER TEMP GAUGE Water Temperature Meter 12V High Speed Motor 2 Colorful Light + LED Digital Table Black Face Black Circle
Product model: B4079
Instrument type: electric water temperature meter
Dimensions: 52mm (2 inches)
Sensor specifications: NPT 1/8
Product packaging: carton packaging (size: 110mm*76mm*146mm)
Product gross weight: 162g
Applicable voltage: 12V
Measuring range: 40~140°C
LED backlight: 7 color LED backlight
Outer ring color: 1, chrome 2, black
Shell color: black
Applicable models: 12V car modification universal
High-speed motor, the speed is more accurate, the measuring range is 40-140 degrees Celsius
7 color LED backlight display cool, with LED digital display and red pointer indicator Clear display of car water tank water temperature
Simple and convenient to install, used to measure water temperature.
Wiring method: red line to ignition switch 12V (+), green line connected to temperature sensor, black line battery (power supply) negative
The product includes: 1 water temperature meter, 1 power cord, 1 water temperature sensor (NPT 1/8), one manual

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