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Overview and Specifications:


Shell material: Plastic

Case shell color: Black

Product weight: Gross weight: 294g, Net weight: 150g

Product size: Meter front diameter: 70mm,Meter back diameter: 65mm,Meter thickness 70mm

Packing size: 120mm*78mm*186mm

Packing: carton packaging

Products include: Meter *1 Housing *1 Front cover *1 Bracket *1 Bolt and nut *1 Double-sided tape *1 Power cord *2 Manual *1

Working voltage: 10V-16V (12V vehicles only)

Working current: the maximum value when connecting a meter

Red line: 200A (when the ignition switch is closed) 0.2 mA (when the ignition switch is turned off)

White line: 0.5mA

Temperature range: storage temperature operating temperature

Instrument -30(-22)~+80(176) -30(-22)~+60(140)

Turbocharger sensor -30(-22)~+100(212) -30(-22)~+80(176)

Pressure sensor -30(-22) ~+140(284) -30(-22) ~+120(248)unit°C(°F)

Temperature sensor -30(-22) ~+150(302) -30(-22) ~+150(302)

Exhaust gas temperature sensor -30(-22) ~+130(266) -30(-22) ~+130(266)

Wiring harness connection description: Red line: Connect the positive pole of the power supply (+12V)

Orange line: ING (when the ignition switch is on,connect 12V)

White line: ILM line, backlight (+12V)

Black line: ground (connected to the negative pole of the power supply)

The front cover of the instrument is used:

● The red triangle can be used as a limit mark, such as a speed limit instead of a warning indicator

● To move the position of the red triangle, remove the front cover once, then adjust its position and reinstall it.

Instrument bracket installation:

1. Open the box, remove the double-sided tape, and stick it on the bottom of the bracket.

2. Insert the protruding part of the mounting bracket into the meter cup and attach the mounting bracket to the meter cup using the bolts, nuts and washers included in the kit.

3. Attach 1~2 pieces of double-sided tape to the aluminum case and connect it to the meter as a buffer.

4. Route the meter wires through the meter cup holes and connect them to the meter.

5. Place the meter in the meter cup and make sure the wires are not caught in the middle.

6. Attach double-sided tape to the back of the mounting bracket and bend the mounting bracket to fit the position you want to install.

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