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Overview and Specifications:


Type: Charcoal Filter for Fountain

Material: Activated carbon, cotton

Item Color: White

Compatible: Flower Fountain

Size: 12.5*0.5cm / 4.9*0.2″(D*H)

Quantity: 4pcs/8pcs

Net Weight: 25g /85g


1: The filter is made of resin and activated carbon to help
remove chlorine, odor and organic pollutants from the water,

2: The water quality of the improved water can be removed by
three kinds of three kinds of filtration (resin, charcoal, filter cotton
fabric). The outer polyester layer of each filter filters impurities and

3: The three steps of filtration can guarantee the quality of
water and improve the taste of your cat,

4: Suitable for flower pet fountain waterer, which allows cat and dog to drink the water inside.

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