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Overview and Specifications:


Product Name: Auto Beauty Sponge Set 7 Piece Set

Product model: AP4415

Specification: 80mm

Product material: polyether

Uses: Widely used in grinding, fine grinding, super finishing and mirror grinding of non-ferrous metals, hard alloys and various non-metallic materials.

Such as: stainless steel products, stainless steel knife and scissors, tableware, vacuum flask surface grinding and polishing, copper, aluminum products, metal strap, lighting surface polishing, golf head manufacturing, thin copper surface oxide layer, grinding, polishing,

CRT glass bulb and LCD plane, mobile phone case, glass, gemstone, marble fine grinding and polishing, aircraft, auto parts super fine grinding. Car paint finish, etc.

Product List:

Self-adhesive test parallel sponge *2: car waxing

Self-adhesive wave sponge disc *2: car scratches

Velcro suction cup *1: polished and polished

Self-adhesive test polyester disc *1: polyester material, mirror polished

Electric drill connecting rod *1: alloy steel

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