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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name: Car Four Seasons Universal Car Cover (Small)
Product model: AP4269
Product material: 220 grams of high quality aluminum film, raw material cotton
Product size: Upper circumference: 2430mm Lower circumference: 1910mm Width: 1360mm
Product color: silver
Applicable models: sedan
Applicable season: Four seasons universal

Product features:

1. Anti-snow and anti-frost, anti-freeze and rainproof, sunscreen can be applied all year round
2. Protect the car paint, the version fits perfectly
3. Durable
4. Easy to operate, easy to install
5. Exquisite workmanship and firm stitching
Product advantages:
1. Scratchproof and durable, long service life
2. Waterproof, watertight, not easy to freeze
3. Easy to clean, not easy to soil
4. Windproof bandage, strong pull hook
5. Mirror warning strips, clear and eye-catching, safe parking
6. The material is soft and easy to fold

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