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Overview and Specifications:


Name: Car Motorcycle Inflatable Tire Pressure Gun

Model: AP2939

Measuring range 0-12KG/CM2

How to Use:
1. Unscrew the cover of the tire valve.

2. Clamp the copper head of the tire pressure gauge to the tire mouth valve.

3. If the tire pressure is not enough, please refill. If the tire pressure is too high, press the bleed valve to fine-tune the pressure.


1. Measure the tire pressure, the tire should be in a cool state.

2. Standard tire pressure, subject to the requirements of the car manufacturer or tire manufacturer

When inflating, the air pump should be connected, and the tire pressure can only be measured separately.

Normal tire pressure indication position, generally 2.2 pressure, not more than 2.5.


Tire tire pressure indication position, generally 2.2 pressure, do not exceed 2.5, around 35PSI, do not be fooled by the so-called 300PSI.

Note: This product is required to use the air pump without a separate inflation function.


Grip gun handle, double unit air ruler shows air pressure, convenient and accurate

Zinc alloy hand plate gun body, solid and durable

Suitable for small and medium-sized vans, motorcycles, and cars.

Inflatable, deflated and pressure sensing for vehicle tires

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