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Overview and Specifications:


Product Name: (English version) Automotive Circuit Tester Maintenance Line Tester Auto Repair Multimeter Do not battery

Product model: AP074

Product appearance color: orange / black

Conversion rate: 3 times / sec

Polarity indication: automatic

Range mode: Fully automatic or full manual range combination

Working voltage: 2.4V-3.6V

Bottom indication: approximately 2.4V

Beep frequency: about 2.7kHz

Trigger bulb: DC 0-24V

LED test light voltage: DC 0V ~ 60V

Aging line test block: DC 0V~24V

Diode: 0V~1.5V

Buzzer file: Sounds below 30Ω

Transistor: 0V~1000(hFE)

Lighting: Color white light supply 3V package Φ5MM brightness 18000-20000cd/m2

DC voltage: 199.9mV, 1.999V, 19.99V, 199.9V, 1000V

AC Village: 199.9mV, 1.999V, 19.99V, 199.9V, 750V

DC current: 0.01A/2A, the current exceeds 2A automatic protection, and it can automatically recover after 5 minutes.

AC electric village: 0.01A/2A, the current exceeds 2A automatic protection, and can automatically recover after 5 minutes.

Resistance: 199.0Ω, 1.999KΩ, 19.99KΩ, 199.99K, 1.999mΩ, 19.99mΩ


1. Used to detect resistance

2. Used for detecting transistor

3. Used to detect line continuity

4. Used to measure AC and DC voltage

5. Detect AC and DC current

Product advantages:

1. Lighting makes the line of sight better

2. Hook-style design, can be detected without breaking the line

3. Feel comfortable, the user feels comfortable and feels strong between the gears 4. Backlight display, LCD screen high Brightness LED backlight

The product contains: Instruction Manual*1,Table Pen*1,Pair Alligator Clip*1

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