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Overview and Specifications:


(1)Non-ticking analog alarm clock.

(2)Indoor Temperature and Humidity, press the ℃/℉ button to switch the unit of temperature.

(3)The knob on the back of the product can adjust the time and alarm time

(4)One shift button on the right can turn ON or OFF alarm function.

(5)Four steps classic ascending beep alarm sounds never startle you up from sleep.

(6)Auto Nightlight is bright enough but never dazzling, super convenient for checking time at night.

(7)Also with the NIGHTLIHT photosensitive sensor, in the ambient light low or dark, will automatically start the light backlight, so that the light can also be viewed without using the light.

(8)Dimensions: about 12.5cm * 4cm * 12.5cm,

(9)Power Supply: 2x AA batteries (not included).

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