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Overview and Specifications:


-This water leakage alarm has a high decibel device built in melodious warming sound. It is suitable for home use.

-The bottom surface has two probe, once they contact with water, the water leakage alarm will alert and remind you to take measures.

-ABS plastics, environmental health, compact and practical

– A sense of high sensitivity,convenient to use

-The appearance of fine, compact design, economical

Suitable for: water heater, computer facilities, machine platform, electrical control room, central air conditioning studio,factory, warehouse, file reference room, office, basement, laboratory, fish bowl, water tank, pool, water dispenser, air conditioner


Material: ABS

Operating voltage: 9V

Alarm current: 0.08mA

Detection angle: 360 degree

Quiescent Current: 0.01uA

Working temperature: -10-55 ℃

Size: 85x40mm

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