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Overview and Specifications:

Screen size: 8.5 inches

Material: ABS

Output interface: not supported
1. Children learn a good example of writing and painting, free to write, draw, graffiti, mathematics, memory words and practice writing.
2. Business records of office workers, scheduling work tasks, recording work items and memos, meeting minutes, messages, etc.
3. Use as a family message board, family message, family reminders, and can help children learn.
4. Can be used as a primary school, a middle school drafting tablet, a college handwritten English word tablet
5. As a daily communication tool for deaf and elderly people, deaf people share their ideas through the tablet.

Future smart tablets will completely replace traditional blackboards and replace traditional paper. This will bring a revolution to the future education industry in China. Traditional classroom blackboards that rely on chalk to write will gradually become history.

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