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Overview and Specifications:

1 This product is a 5Cr15MoV material tool set, 7 pieces set,
to meet all the needs of the kitchen,

2 Preferred 5 chrome steel, durable and sharp, used as a
kitchen cutting tool, very convenient,

3 The ergonomic design handle, anti-slip and labor-saving, the
color wooden smooth grip is comfortable,

The 4.7-piece set includes: chopping knives, kitchen knives,
chef knives, fruit knives, kitchen shears, sharpening knives, wooden tool

5Cr15MoV is martensitic stainless steel. This material
effectively controls the harmful inclusions of sulfur and phosphorus in steel,
and its hardness and toughness have reached the highest international standards.
At the same time, its hundred toughness index, that is, thousands of sharpness,
also meets international standards. The characteristics of 5Cr15MoV and other
series of stainless steel materials are: high carbon content, greatly improving
the hardness of the tool, and the chromium, molybdenum and vanadium metal
elements have good special properties for the corrosion resistance, wear
resistance and toughness of the tool,

Product: 7-piece kitchen knives

Material: 5 chrome steel

Color: as shown


Chopping knife Full length 30.5cm Weight 366g

Chopper full length 30.5cm weight 350g

Chef\’s knife Full length 30cm Weight 180g

Fruit knife full length 24.5cm weight 83g

Kitchen shears full length 25cm weight 217g

Sharpening bar Full length 30cm Weight 148g

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