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Overview and Specifications:

Mi Jin Brown Compressed Bag:
– Reusable food shrink bags, safe and environmentally friendly, easy to use.
– Transparent bag design for easy selection of the food you want.
– Self-sealing design, lightly pinched, sealable, high seal, no leakage.

– A total of 6 bags, 2 large bags, 4 small bags.

Principle of vacuum preservation: The articles under vacuum are in a negative pressure and low oxygen environment.
So as to isolate bacteria in the air, moisture, food under vacuum, keep fresh at room temperature
The time is 3-5 times that in the non-vacuum state.

Please note: This machine is a fully automatic vacuum sealer, suitable for dry goods.
(Can not vacuum liquid, oil and water powder products. Vacuum request bag is a line vacuum bag
(There is a mesh on the inside of the bag) It can be refrigerated at high temperature, so you can buy it with confidence.

Charge pump:
– Vacuuming with a single touch at the touch of a button.

– In the off state, press the button to activate the switch and immediately turn on the machine, the machine will automatically start working.

-With built-in battery, USB charging, portable mini, easy to use,

Can be used about 20 times on a single charge,
Product: kitchen storage bag + mini pump

Quantity: air pump 1 + storage bag 6

Material: ABS+ motor

Color: as shown

Electric pump parameters

Power interface: USB charging
Battery: 800MAH
Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C
Packing size: 27*6*16cm

Gross weight: 330g

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