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Overview and Specifications:

1.T6 lamp beads, strong long-range capability, wide illumination range and long battery life,
2. Convex lens piece: Cone lenticular lens sheet, good light transmission performance, not easy to damage, solid aluminum attack head protection lens is not subject to wear,
3. Telescopic zoom: the left and right stretch head can be zoomed, astigmatism-concentrated mode, convenient to use in different situations,
4. Tail switch: rubber material, surface anti-slip treatment, tact switch to switch the lighting mode,
5. Battery contact: copper-plated cylindrical battery contact design, copper has good electrical conductivity to prevent poor contact.

Product model: HS-S007
Lamp Bead Model: T6
Lens material: optical convex mirror
Working position: 5 files
Applicable battery: 18650 or 3 section 7 (without battery charger)
Product material: aluminum alloy
Working voltage: 3.7V
Product color: black
Product light cup: no
Can you charge directly: No
Whether to focus: telescopic focusing
Product weight: 134g

Q5 running version single [without battery charger]

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