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Overview and Specifications:

Name: TYPE-C Multi-function 5-in-1 Hub
Color: As the picture show
Product interface: TYPE-C interface
Expansion port: Type-C TO HDMI4K +USB3.0*2+RJ45 Gigabit LAN + USB-C data + PD charge converter
Transmission rate: 1000Mbps
Program combination: pd7102+ps176+ networks card 8152+ Skyworth 3520
Power output: Voltage: 5V-20V Current 3A-5A Power: 15W-100W
Size: body Size: 8.2 x 4.3 x 1.5mm, Cable length: 92mm
Material: Aluminum-magnesium Alloy
Function: USB 3.1 Type-C To HDMI4K +USB3.0*2+RJ45 Gigabit LAN + USB-C data + PD charging converter, data transmission and computer and mobile device charging.
Applicable Models: Supporting devices: Support for Nintendo Switch, for Macbook, for IMac Pro, for Huawei, for Xiaomi and other computers, support for Samsung S8, for LG5, for Huawei M10 and other mobile audio and video output (Tips: When connecting HDMI 4K function, computer / mobile device Need to support HDMI 4K video output function in order to use normally)

1. TYPE-C is connected to the computer or mobile phone. The display device with HDMI input interface can output 4K*2K high-definition audio and video signals. The HDMI interface cable is connected to the TV or monitor for large-screen interaction. The highest resolution supports 4K 30HZ.
2. Computer equipment expansion or replacement Gigabit NIC adaptive to different networks environments, support IPv4/IPv6 networks protocol, NIC interface support 100M/1000M networks support power control management.
3. USB3.0 HUB interface can connect USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard, mobile hard disk, printer, game controller and other external devices, USB3.0 high-speed data transmission / file access, transmission rate: theoretical transmission data up to 5Gbps, backward compatible with USB2 .0, USB1.1.
4. USB-C interface has PD charging function, and can also do data transmission.
5. Support system: Windows 2000/2003/ME/XP/Vista/WIN 7/8/10 or MacOS 8.1 or higher.

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