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Overview and Specifications:

NUT anti-lost device is a good and practical Bluetooth anti-lost device with low false alarm rate, the outer packaging and manual are in Chinese and English versions, APP language follows the system language, for example: the mobile phone system is Chinese, and the APP display is Chinese. The APP with the mobile phone system in English will be automatically displayed in English, the English app name is “NUT”,

This is a NUT3 generation 4 piece discount set, the color is white + green + gray + pink, universal,

The main function:
1. Two-way anti-lost: connect the anti-lost device to the mobile phone through the APP software, and then bind the anti-lost device to the item, such as hanging on a valuable item such as a key or a wallet, as long as these items leave your safe distance of 10-20 meters. Your mobile phone and anti-lost device will alarm you to forget to bring something,

2, one-click search: sometimes can not find the key or wallet when going out, you can click the “call” button through the mobile app, the anti-lost device will make a sound, easy to find the key or wallet by sound, if you forget where the phone is placed You can call your mobile phone through the anti-lost device (except for the Mini), whether it is silent, vibrating or down, it will ring, allowing you to find it quickly and easily,

3, lost positioning: If your item has been lost, you have missed the reminder, then, the mobile app will automatically record the location of the next disconnected from the item, determine the lost location through map positioning, help you recall and quickly retrieve the item ,

4, sharing management: When there are many people using the bound items, such as TV remote control, you can open the object-seeking mode and share it on the patch setting page, after sharing, the patch will work in the object-seeking mode, only looking for It will be connected when the patch is attached.

5, multi-tasking management: Android phones can manage 4-6 patches at the same time, IOS phones can manage 12 patches at the same time,

And you can customize the naming of different items in the app to facilitate management. For example, the anti-lost device that is bound to the key is named “key”, and the anti-lost device that is bound to the wallet is named “wallet”,

usage notice

1. Download the app “NUT”, or you can scan the package or the QR code on the manual to download it.
2, open Bluetooth and positioning: start Bluetooth and positioning according to the prompts in the APP,
3. Register a new user: Open the app and click “Register Now”,
4. Bind Nnt anti-lost device: Open APP, click “+” in the upper left corner, click “Bind Bluetooth anti-lost device”, move anti-lost device within 10CM of mobile phone, press and hold anti-lost button for 5 seconds, anti-lost device A “beep” sound is emitted and an indicator light flashes. After the binding is successful, there will be a prompt,
5. Binding items: hang or stick the anti-lost device on the item,
6. Start anti-lost function: open APP → click anti-lost icon → click anti-lost mode → click “two-way anti-lost” button,
7. APP protection: In order for the APP to be used normally, and the protection app is not automatically cleaned and closed, please check the software settings such as power save assistant, guardian, butler, and set the APP to not be cleared or added to the whitelist,
8, use help: We have a very comprehensive and detailed instructions on the APP help, view the path: click anti-lost icon → anti-lost mode → click on the instructions,

9, replace the battery: Bluetooth anti-lost device is a button battery, a normal battery can be used for 6-12 months, if there is no electricity to the nearby supermarket to buy a button battery can be used to continue to use, battery replacement is also very convenient, Unscrew the upper cover at the lanyard position of the anti-lost device, remove the battery, insert the new battery into the positive pole, and close the cover to continue using it,

10. Untie: Since a Nut anti-lost device can only be bound to one mobile phone account at the same time, if you need to replace the mobile phone, you must unbind the anti-lost device and unbind the anti-lost device before the anti-lost device is connected. Set new mobile phone account, Delete method: Open the APP in the state of anti-lost device and mobile phone connection → click “anti-lost icon” → click “3 small dots in the upper right corner or set button” → click “delete”,

Product:nut anti-lost device 3 generation 4 pieces

Color: color mixing

Material: plastic + electronic components

Product size: 38.2mm*38.2mm*7.2mm

Product weight: 9.5g
Packing size: 132mm*117mm*15mm

Package weight: about 100g

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