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Overview and Specifications:


[Full Spectrum] LED Grow Light with Red, Blue, Warm White, IR, UV growing lamps, provides the most specific spectrum for each stage of plants from seedling, veg to flower in the most effective way. Can make your plants grow faster and better.

[High Efficiency] Replaces a 45W HPS grow light. Good for all kinds of plants, such as roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, herbs and any other fruits and vegetables from seedling to harvest. Increasing the yield by 20%-50%.

[Unique Design] Carefully designed with daisy chain, connectable to another unit to enlarge coverage. 60 degree reflector cup design, different spectrum lights be re-mixed producing a better spectrum before they come to plants for a better light supplemental effect. increase efficiency by 30%.

[Easy to Use] According to different growing stage of your plants, you can adjust the height between plants and the grow light.

[High Quality] Aluminum case and ABS backing, no fan, release heat much quicker than generic plastic material. One year warranty

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light:

Red 630nm-660nm: Best for flowering and seed production.

Blue 440nm-460nm: Best for promoting the stem and leaf.

Warm White 3000k-6500k: Generate heat, add energy to plant growth.

IR 730nm: Promote cell division, flowering amp, veg, better for plants seeding and blooming stage (looks dim).

UV 410nm: Kill bacteria and good for seedling (looks dim).

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