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Overview and Specifications:


Output: 5V/3.4A

Power Source: A.C Source

Voltage: 12 -24V

USB port: 4

Quick Charge: Yes. USB PD quick charge

Certificate: CE/CCC


What is the first thing we will do when coming back home? The answer is to recharge our phones. And you soon find there is no enough power outlet if you want to charge your iPad, Kindles and other electronics. So why not replace your charger block with this 4-in-1 charger? This affordable charger charges all your electronic devices quickly and safely.

4 USB ports, get all devices ready

It features 4 USB ports. So you can charge your phone, kindle, wireless earphones and power bank at the same time.

3.4A output, fast and safe

The charger block gets both CE and CCC marking, and provides up to 3.4A output to charge your devices quickly.

Foldable plug, space-saving and easy-to-store

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