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Overview and Specifications:

Specification :


Material:TEGO Sorb A30,Nonionic Surfactant,Water


Weight:30g / 1PCS

Shelf Life:2 Years

Quantity:3 PCS


– Clean-n-fresh Refrigerator Deodorant Is a Gel Structure: Deodorize from the source, easily solve the refrigerator smell problem.

– Antibacterial And Mildewproof: In order to keep the food fresh, a bacteriostatic formula has been added.

– Visual Design: You can directly observe the product usage and replace the product in time.

– Transparent Partition Design: Deodorant contains transparent partitions to prevent children and pets from eating

– Add Antifreeze: The product is placed in the freezer, in the refrigerator, and does not affect the function at low temperatures.

– Petal Shaped Cover: The lid is petal-shaped, porous and controls the length of use

– PET Plastic Parts: Plastic parts are made of PET, good toughness

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