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Overview and Specifications:


1: Fresh and simple design, pure and simple, let the home add the elegant fragrance, USB fan, LED light, moisturize and humidify, use a humidifier to let you experience a variety of possibilities

2: 2.4MHz ultrasonic frequency oscillating, the water molecules are decomposed into micron-sized cold fog with a diameter of 1-5um, and aromatherapy tablets can be added with different essential oils. No need to directly add water tank to corrode product parts, making the product durable

3: Built-in waterproof probe anti-dry burning built-in waterproof probe, waterless automatic power off to prevent double protection, safe and reliable

Spray operation:

Turn on the power, click the function button to turn on the continuous spray mode,

Double click to turn on the intermittent spray,

Close all spray modes three times.

Night light operation:

Long press the function button for the first time to turn on the night light

Turn on the USB port,

Double press and turn off the light, three long presses to close

USB port power

Product Name: Small Q humidifier
Product model: STB-Q008
Material: ABS+PP+silicone
Product size 96*96*139mm
Product packaging: 97*97*160
Single net weight / gross weight: 202g
Style / color blue, pink, white

Product parameters:
Input voltage: DC5V

Working current: 300MA-800NA
Power consumption: 1.5W-4W

Water bottle capacity: 330ML
Spray amount: 35-40ML/H

Use time: 10-18 hours
Product standard host one sponge stick, one data line

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