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Overview and Specifications:

1. Supports PCIE M.2 SSD (NVMe or AHCI, Key-M), PCIE 3.0 X4 32 Gbps bandwidth, apply to 2280/2260/2242/2230mm
2. Supports SATA-based M.2 SSD (Key-B / B + M), SATA 6 Gbps bandwidth, apply to 2280/2260/2242/2230mm
3. Supports mSATA, 30x50mm, SATA 6 Gbps bandwidth
4. 3-channel SSD read/write LED indicator
6. Supports PCIe 2.0 ,3.0 and PCIe 4.0 motherboard
7. Supports 3 SSDs (M.2 PCIE-based SSDs, M.2 SATA-based SSDs and mSATA SSD) to work simultaneously.
8. NVME M.2 SSD to PCIE 3.0×4 (32Gbps), no need to use SATA cable to connect to the PC.
9. When working with SATA M.2 to SATA III (6Gbps) and mSATA to SATA III (6Gbps), a SATA cable is required to connect the motherboard. (The product already contains 2 SATA cables)
10. this adapter is compatible for PCI-E 4X, 8X, 16X, but the speed only PCI-E 4X.

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