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Overview and Specifications:

The size of this four-in-one tool is 3.5 x 4.8 x 1.25cm, the main material is A3 iron, the small head is 45# steel, white zinc plating

This single-head tool head is 25mm long and 95mm long. It is made of 45# steel. The handle material is polypropylene, 10 pieces/bag. Function: It is used to screw the valve core inside the car/bicycle/electric vehicle valve.

The small head is 45# steel, the big head is A3 iron, and it is treated with electroplated nickel. The small head is used to screw the valve core of the mouth, and the head is screwed (truck/engine/forklift, etc.).

Use for cars, trucks, bikes and motorcycles.
For quick removal or installation of tyre valve inserts.
Gas nozzle adjust disassembly tool, American style gas nozzle valve core wrench

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