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Overview and Specifications:

Use a unique way to track hours instead of traditional Roman
numerals or numbers. This wall clock is divided into different formulas at each
point in time.

Medium in size, the clock size is 29.5 cm in diameter, and it
will easily become a focus from a distance.

Looks like a blackboard design black and white color scheme
that makes the clock and can match any color

Awesome gift ideas provide these wall clocks, a math teacher,
engineer, mathematician or a number that only anyone likes

No need for wire or wire clock rotation. AA battery (without

Product: Math Wall Clock

Material: wood

Color: black, white

Diameter: 29.5cm

Weight: 420g

Power: One AA carbon battery (not included)

Movement: silent sweep

Composition: dial + silent movement

Note: Do not use alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries,
which will affect the life of the movement and the inaccurate time. Please use a
carbon battery,

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