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Overview and Specifications:

product description:

1. PTC heating element, rapid heating.

2. Tourmaline ceramic glaze heating plate

3. LCD liquid crystal temperature display. Easy to control temperature, suitable for a variety of different hair types, the temperature change of each gear adjustment can be adjusted according to customer needs.

If you are not sure which temperature is right for you, the hair can be softer from 120-150C (200F-300F), the normal hair is suitable for 150-190C (300-375F), and the hair is harder for 190-210C (375F- 410F), the hair is particularly hard suitable for 210-230C (410F-450F).

4. 1 hour automatic shutdown (can set the timed shutdown time according to customer requirements), safe and worry-free.

5. Ergonomic product appearance settings.

6.360 degree rotating power cord, 2.5M long, can be configured according to different countries.

7. The global universal dual voltage 110-240V, 50/60Hz.

Product Name: Steam Straight Hair Curler

Model: KR-088A

Power: 50W

Heating element: PTC

Maximum temperature: 235°

Features: steam moisturizing

Power cord: 360° tail

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