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Overview and Specifications:

1: Clean and brighten the skin, ion-derived deep cleaning combined with high-frequency vibration to remove blackheads and reduce pore blockage

2: warm emollient, constant temperature + vibration + positive and negative ion introduction with the essence of the emulsion mask used from this mask is not wasted.

3: nourishment introduction, 10,000 high frequency vibrations per minute + negative ion introduction, so that the essence of skin care products penetrates into the muscle base to help nutrition absorption

4: USB safe charging, USB powered, plug and play, safe and portable.

Product Name: Facial Beauty Instrument

Vibration frequency: 10000 rpm

Battery capacity: 800mAh

Material: ABS+PC+ alloy

Product size :158*55*40mm

Power : lt, 3.5W

Net weight: 200g

Charging time: about 2h

Length of use: about 70 minutes

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