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Overview and Specifications:

1: Super fine greasy powder, silty minerals and pearlescent, no

2: Pure hand-baked process, not easy to break, no flying
powder, good ductility and smoothness.

3: Luxury two-tone classic, low-key and elegant.

4: Waterproof and sweat-proof, no makeup, wet and dry, no
blooming, thick makeup, no makeup.

3 easy steps to create a sophisticated look

1. Brush the powder and use the eye shadow brush to evenly
capture two colors.

2. Wipe the color from the middle of the eye to the end of the

3. A dizzy makeup with residual powder from the dizziness of
the eye to the end of the eye, the makeup is natural.

4. Complete the three-dimensional look of the eyes, and always
shine the color of the charm.

Product Name: Two-color eye shadow

Color number: pearl camel, earth color

Specification: 2.5g

Efficacy: waterproof and sweat-proof is not easy to smudge

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