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Overview and Specifications:


-Two function: Air mouse / Wireless, IR laser

-2.4G connection projector, computer etc

-6-axis gyroscope

-Easily control multimedia functions of: volume control, play and

-Shortcut keys to switch window and desktop

-Presentation functions include Page up / down, play slide and blank

-2 x AAA battery (not included) supply power, convenient to replace

-2.4GHz RF, strong anti-interface effect

-Left Mouse + pen: draw the link Left

-Eraser: delete draw lines


Laser is harmful to the eyes, do not look directly into the beam, do
not point it to face or crowds

Projector and Receiver 2-in-1:

The Remote consists of transmitter and USB receiver, which are
portable, light in weight, small in size and comfortable to touch. The USB
receiver is plug-and-play, no need to install any driver.

Transmitter embedded red indicator has red light button, up page button,
next page button, black screen button, play button, pause button, ESC button
and can be used for PC or laptop computer.

Using RF radio technology, the laser point with control distance up
to 10M, with no direction restriction, can penetrate obstructions control, so
you can achieve next page of the electronic document easily (Note: The actual
effective distance could be changed based on surrounding)

Operating System: Windows 98, Se, Me2000, XP, Mac, OS, Linux, Win7, Windows

(Note: Windows 98/SE operating system to install the driver: the
computer will be prompted to complete the installation for the first time, next
time no longer needed)


Radio Frequency: 2.4GHZ

Modulation mode: PWM

The encoded number: million

Distance: 10-15Metters

Code method: matched on, could matched on again

Launch Distance: 650mm

Laser power: lt, 5MW

Laser pointer power: 3V

Battery: AAA x 2 Battery (not included)

Receiver power supply: USB interface power supply

Receiver Interface: USB 1.1

Applicable operating system: Windows 98 Se, Me2000, XP, Mac, OS, Linux,
Win7, Windows Vista

Product size: 137*38.5*29mm

Product weight: 68g

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