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Overview and Specifications:

Product Features:

1. White light main lamp adopts CREE XHP35 HD LED, 1800 lumens
strong brightness output ·

2. Configure red light auxiliary light

3. Optical system manufactured by crystal bright plating
technology combined with PDOT digital precision optimization technology

4. The light intensity reaches 8360 Candela, as far as 182

5. Lightweight and solid cylinder cast by one-piece molding

6. Height and efficiency constant current circuit, constant
brightness, battery life up to 220 hours

7. Silent tail tactical switch, one button to control white
light 5 kinds of brightness and 3 special functions

8. Side-press metal switch to independently control red light
auxiliary light

9. Random frequency flashing special function, random change of
flicker frequency, effectively enhance stun effect

10. The flashlight has a battery remaining power reminder

11. The red light assist lamp flashes the battery voltage
(accurate to ±0.1V)

12. Built-in ATR temperature control module

13. Battery electronic anti-reverse protection function

14. Double-coated anti-scratch optical lens

15. Aerospace aluminum alloy manufacturing

16. Meet IP56 protection level

17.1 meters anti-drop ability

18. Tail inverted function

Product Name: Tactical Flashlight

Product model: P18

Maximum output: 1800 lumens

Maximum range: 182 meters

Maximum light intensity: 8360 cd

Life time: 220 h 0m/9.16d


Light cup type: smooth cup

Battery used: 1x 18650

Special mode: Beacon, SOS, flash

Color temperature type: white light

Simplified length: 105.5 mm / 4.15 in

Head diameter: 23 mm / 0.9 in

Product weight: 103.5 g / 3.65 oz

Features: Instant flash, dual light source output, red warning

Application scenarios: equipment, hunting, law enforcement,
military, search, outdoor / camping

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