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Overview and Specifications:


This drill bit set is a premium quality kit which is suitable for a host of tasks and the comprehensive range of hand tools. The bits are for use with high-speed drills and the titanium coating ensures that they are robust and durable, and also suitable for use when drilling materials such as steel. The Am-Tech high-speed drill bit set contains 13 pieces in total.

Product material: high speed steel HSS + titanium

13pcs twist drill size: 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm / 3.2mm / 4.0mm
/ / 5.0mm / 5.5mm / 6.0mm / 8mm / 8.5mm / 10mm / 10.5mm / 12mm.

Product use: The drill bit can be used on wind batch and
electric screwdriver, and can drill wood products, plastics, aluminum products,
thin iron, etc.

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