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Overview and Specifications:

1: This product is an access control power supply, which is convenient for installing door locks,

2: Convert the household AC voltage to DC voltage, (AC110-220V is converted to DC12V),

3: Available with DC12V 3A and DC12V 5A, 3A for single doors and 5A for double doors,


36W high-power transformer, with high utilization rate, can meet 1 access control controller, 1 electric plug lock or 280KG magnetic lock at the same time working normally,

Good heat dissipation and exhaust design, shielding against interference,

High-end components, good waveform quality, no high-frequency ripple interference. The output voltage is 12VDC. With the battery exhaustion protection function, if the rechargeable battery is exhausted, it will damage and scrap the rechargeable battery. At the same time, the dual relay design and imported components ensure the stability of the power supply.

The AC port of each power supply is designed with a fuse device. When the voltage is too high, it will automatically cut off the power, which fully protects the power supply from being burned out and is safer to use.

Product: Access Control Power Supply

Model: XG-Y3/Y5

Material: metal + components

Color as shown

Size: 185*78*64mm

Weight: 12V 3A 1.5KG

12V 5A 1.8KG

Input voltage: AC110-220V plus or minus 20%

Output voltage: DC12V 3A / DC12V 5A

Ripple voltage: less than 10mV

Set NC/NO output PUSH input

Set the delay control circuit, the unlocking time can be 0-10 seconds

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