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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Application : Waist
Material : Other
Model Number : 8065
Size : Multi Size SML
Origin : CN(Origin)

100% brand new and high quality
Smooth emollient: A variety of botanical extracts to nourish the skin. Keep your skin shiny.
Consuming fat firming body sculpting: Quickly let the active ingredients penetrate the fat.
Contains a variety of body emollient herbal ingredients combined with shea butter formula accelerates fat burning.
The natural ingredients contains in the cream works to accelerate body metabolism absorbing and helping the body to eliminate fat cells and harmful toxins,resulting is weight loss and detoxification of your body.
To achieve the purpose of slimming and fat-reducing, to create a perfect waist and leg line.
Scope of use: Anyone who wants to lose weight and cellulite.
Firms muscles and maintains the body in its best form.
Promote faster buining of subcutaneous fat tissue helping to reuduce fat cells in the abdomen,hips,thighs legs and arms.

How to use:
1. Take the right amount of product on your hand and warm your palm to make the product achieve the best absorption.
2. From the bottom to the top of the thigh, gentle massage to help the product absorb better.
3. Start with the ankle and massage from bottom to top with both hands.
4. Gently massage until the slimming essence disappears completely.

1. On the way of use, the skin is red, swollen, itchy and stimulated to stop using.
2. Do not expose to the sun directly after use to prevent abnormality.
3. Do not use abnormal parts such as wounds, swelling, and eczema.
4. Do not use on the face, around the eyes, or where the skin is damaged.

Quantity: 10PCS/Box
Colour: Black

Product size: 13*9*2.2cm

Packing size: 13*9*2.2cm

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