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Overview and Specifications:


1: This is a secure and efficient RFID independent access
controller for homes and offices.

2: Access control supports 1000 sets of user cards, supports
3-6 digits of 1000 opening passwords, supports input card number to add or
delete cards, supports full card opening, automatic registration card, built-in
antenna, 0-5cm sensing distance, keyboard command issuing , can add cards in
batches, automatic serial number, can support external wireless remote

3: Supports three ways to open the door, such as swiping,
password, credit card and password.

4: Polymerized plastic surface painting treatment, with surface
waterproof function


Working voltage: DC12V plus or minus 10%

Card reading type: ID card IC card

Ambient temperature: 10-70 ° C

Storage capacity: 1000 users

Card reading distance: 2-3cm

Relative temperature: 20-80%

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