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Overview and Specifications:


WIFI control model, no need of program. No
matter where you are, you only need to download the APP to connect it with the WIFI
and control the cloud.


APP remote control switch

Simple and intuitive switch button

Home appliance switch status and mobile
phone real-time synchronization

APP Remote Timing Function

Support up to 8 groups of timing events

Can support single, repeat, delay timing

Can be modified, deleted, added at any time

Call Automatically On/Off

Easy to implement lamp wall switch function

Safety is guaranteed, if you want to change
it, change it.

Exclusive design, caring service

One App Can Add Multiple Devices

Only 1 APP is required to control all

Group management of devices are easier

There is no limit to the number of devices


Model: G-16A

Input: AC 85-250V

Max Current: 16A

WIFI: 2.4G b/g/n

APP: EWelink

Net Weight: 70g

Item Size: 5.5×7.5×3 cm

For more details and user manual, please
refer to wiki:

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